Concept & Design

At Surestyle we utilize both the design and build process to create an improved and more effective business environment.

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We believe that there is more to integrating the design and construction process than simply providing an easy option. Combining our knowledge in both fields, allows us to create real strategic value that benefits our clients. We understand the importance of delivering a concept on time and on budget, we aim to harness all the aspects of the design to produce a solution that meets all of our client’s requirements.

A successful “Inspiration to Installation” project is tailored to the response to the client’s needs. We use our knowledge accumulated over the last few decades to ask the right questions and explore the possibilities to generate the most appropriate response. Design is both about the bigger picture and the smallest detail, and at Surestyle we look after both ends of the spectrum

Our experience also allows us to value engineer all aspects of your project early in the design stage, ensuring you get the best value.

To find out more about our process visit Our Approach page.

Surestyle offeres a range of services to help you with your retail design process  which include:

Layout plans
lighting and electrical plans
Full elevations
Internal perspective renderings
Detail drawings

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